50mm f/1.8 Anamorphic 1.33x Lens (Fujifilm X-Mount)

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Key Features
Robust Aluminum Lens for APS-C Cameras
2.4:1 De-Squeezed Format; 10-Blade Iris
Schott Glass with Nano Coatings
Horizontal Blue Streaks/Less Stray Light
The Sirui 50mm f/1.8 Anamorphic 1.33x Lens, with an X-mount, is designed for APS-C cameras and increases the horizontal FOV by 33% in comparison with traditional 50mm APS-C lenses. The result is equivalent to a wider, 37.5mm APS-C lens. After a de-squeeze, the captured image is displayed in an anamorphic 2.4:1 format in a 16:9 setting. This fast f/1.8 lens is designed with an aluminum housing and features optics with multilayer Nano coatings. It has renowned Schott optical glass lens elements and delivers rectangular aspect ratios, long horizontal lens flares, and oval bokeh.

One of the features of this lens is that it produces horizontal blue streaks with less stray light, which Sirui calls sci-fi horizontal flares. A key aspect of anamorphic lenses is highlighted oval bokeh, and this lens achieves a shallow depth of field and oval bokeh with its 10 aperture blades. While the lens has a robust housing, it's also designed to be lightweight for use with your compact APS-C camera.

Key Features
Robust lens with advanced optics for compact APS-C cameras
33% horizontal field of view increase over standard 50mm APS-C lenses
Anamorphic 2.4:1 format in a 16:9 setting after de-squeeze
Aluminum housing
Schott optical glass
Multilayer Nano coatings
Horizontal blue streaks with less stray light
10 aperture blades
2.8' minimum focusing distance
67mm filter thread
Magnification: 1:15.38 (V), 1:20.17 (H)

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