Black Mist 1/4 82mm SWIFT System
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This 82mm Black Mist 1/4 Filter from NiSi is a diffusion filter designed to fit the Swift System True Color VND (Variable Neutral Density) filter. The black mist design suppresses highlights and lifts shadows for well-balanced contrast, while maintain a strong center with a pleasing glow from light sources. It can be used to add a cinematic look by reducing highlights and lowering contrast to create a soft, pastel-like quality of light. With an extra layer of black specks, this filter provides little loss of detail across the image compared to traditional diffusion filters, while also softening wrinkles and blemishes for easy portraiture. In addition to portrait photography, Black Mist filters can also be used in other scenes, such as night photography, landscape, and still life, to create a cinematic atmosphere. Black Mist adds extra blooming and gradients to the highlights in a scene. Any direct light source will become more film-like, with a smoother, buttery texture around the highlights.

Made of optical glass, this filter has anti-reflective multicoating to reduce lens glare and optimize light transmission. It also features a protective nano multi-coating that is waterproof, making it ideal for use in any type of photography and in harsh environments. This filter can be used with the Swift Friction Mount System adapter ring or added on to the NiSi True Color VND 1-5 Stop / 5-9 stop variable ND filters for even more protection against light.

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