Black Mist 1/8 82mm SWIFT System
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This 82mm Black Mist Filter for True Color VND Swift System from NiSi is a classic style diffusion filter compatible with the NiSi Swift System adapter ring, or to add on to the NiSi True color VND 1-5 stop variable ND filter. Inspired by the popular cinema range "Allure Mist Black" and recreated as a circular filter. Compatible with both still imaging or video, a Black Mist filter lowers contrast by suppressing and diffusing highlights and lifting shadows to help balance the tonal range of the image. It creates a cinematic look and is also commonly used to soften wrinkles, blemishes and creates a flattering image of a subject. The effect is most effective when capturing light that diffuses softly when backlit, creating a transparent light that looks like it was taken with a high-quality vintage lens.

Each optical glass surface features NiSi's nano coating for an improved beading effect when in contact with water, oil, or grease for greater cleaning efficiency.

72,720  ع.د 72720.0 IQD 72,720  ع.د 48.00

48.00 48.00

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