GVM Y60D256 LED Light Bi-Color Edge Video LED Soft Light

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Key Features
Color Temp: 3200 to 5600K, CRI/TLCI: 97
Stepless Dimming, AC Adapter
Optional NP-F Battery Power
Desktop Stand and Carry Case
The LED light Bi-Color Edge Video LED Soft Light (15") from GVM is a good choice for beauty, makeup, hair, or use as a main light in fashion or portraiture. This round dimmable fixture measures 15" in diameter and has variable color temperature from 3200 to 5600K to match ambient light conditions, other fixtures, or just for creative expression. The light's form factor offers natural-looking catchlights reflected in your subject's eyes. You can control adjustments locally on the fixture or make them wirelessly via a smart device app. The Y30D160 runs on AC voltage but will also run on two optional NP-F-type batteries when AC power is unavailable. The light comes with a desktop stand that has a minimum height of 12" and a maximum height of 24". Also included are a power adapter, a cable, and a carry case for storage and transport.

Stepless, adjustable, dual color temperature feature: color range of 3200-5600K, CRI and TLCI 97+
App-intelligent system can be controlled by your smart mobile devices
Stable digital screen display system can support 360° rotation
Host and Slave modes: If you have two or more devices you can switch one device to Host Mode, the other(s) to Slave Mode, and control the Host Mode device through the app, while the Slave devices will mirror the performance of the Host
Pressing the Wi-Fi reset button for 5 seconds allows resetting of the Wi-Fi username and password

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