LS-284 CVL Tripod
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The innovative centre column of the Ranger Explorer allows it to accommodate almost any shooting angle. Adjustments can be done vertically or horizontally, with a unique panning and tilting mechanism for creative framing. For those interested in macro or architectural photography, the Ranger Explorer provides options not available in more traditional tripods.
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Leofoto LS-284CVL Ranger carbon tripod with tiltable center column
With a maximum working height of 155 centimeters, the Leofoto LS-284CVL belongs to the medium-sized tripods in the Ranger Series. Unique to this Ranger tripod is the tiltable center column, which is very useful for macro photography. The folded length is 49 centimeters and the 284CVL weighs about 1.4 kilograms. This Ranger tripod with tiltable center column has a load capacity of 6 kilograms. The tripod comes with a detachable tilting center column, a carrying bag, multitool and spikes. Perfect for those who are looking for a tripod that is not only very suitable for macro photography, but can also be used as an all-round tripod!

The Leofoto Ranger Series
The Ranger Series of Leofoto is characterized by an unprecedented versatility. Because the legs are adjustable in 3 angles, all Ranger tripods can be used low to the ground. This also makes them extremely suitable for macro photography! The Leofoto Ranger tripods are, like all other Leofoto tripods, made of 10-layer carbon. This makes the tripods lightweight and extremely sturdy and durable. So sturdy and durable, that it has a 10-year warranty!

The Ranger LS-284CVL tripod with tiltable center column
The 284CVL tripod from the Leofoto Ranger Series is particularly suitable for macro photography thanks to the tiltable center column. You slide the center column into the cuff for normal use, but you can also mount it upside down to work just above the ground. Loosen the cuff's clamping screw and you can tilt the center column up to 180 degrees and rotate it 360 degrees, allowing you to use it horizontally for hard-to-reach places. Ideal for macro work and close-ups in the great outdoors! The center column has a 3/8-inch tripod screw to which you can attach a separate tripod head as desired. If you want extra stability, you can attach a counterweight to the hook at the bottom of the center column. You can hang a camera bag on this hook, but also a bag of stones, for example.

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